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Dive Into the New Age of 
Open Innovation

Our Benefits


We have over 30 years worth of ID and geo-tagged data on more than 6 million current and past members. We have it all, from electronic health record data of labs, imaging, vitals, and pharmacy to socio-demographics, and end-to-end costs.


We pride ourselves with having the country’s finest multi-disciplinary teams of leading clinicians, data scientists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, geneticists and IT experts collaborating with policymakers, executives and frontline care providers - all working together towards our one mission.


With over 40 research papers in 2021, published in the most prestigious science magazines, we and our global partners are striving to lead the way for policymakers globally.


We use our unique access to  Israel’s vibrant innovation ecosystem to form partnerships and unique investment opportunities. This empowers us to harness the power of our local partners in the tech arena and utilize local innovations for worldwide healthcare needs and solutions.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We create unparalleled value for patients by transforming the healthcare industry. Our data capabilities allow us to redesign healthcare improve care quality, proactivity and access, enhance patient experiences and empowerment in Israel and beyond!

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