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Dan Innovation Center

The Dan innovation hub is located at the Petach Tikva district and is a community medicine service healthcare facility, caring for over 500,000 patients on all healthcare aspects.


The Dan Innovation Hub is an R&D center based on three main pillars:

  • Entrepreneurship team – supporting challenge mapping and solution exploration in a design thinking methodology.

  • Research team – supporting big data studies in a regional or national level.

  • The "Future clinic" – A multidisciplinary community clinic with research and innovation oriented experts. Serving as a beta site for piloting, innovative research and exploring new practice methods.

We focus our innovation efforts on:

  • Predictive medicine – using big data and AI research methodology to detect and predict illnesses before they occur

  • Map patients' journeys using digital solutions to create a tailored and personalized experience for both patients and healthcare professionals

  • Home and remote care solutions

Innovate with us

We open a new channel for easy and fast internal and external collaboration to facilitate and support multiple innovational initiatives. We offer a great opportunity for collaboration and research across a large and versatile populations.

Contact us today:

Clalit Innovation Network

Clalit's innovation network includes twelve innovation centers, spread in our hospitals and the community. Each of these innovation centers has a unique purpose and characteristic, which is derived from its unique population, its geographical location, and the centers of excellence in the hospital or district, among other factors.
The challenges and areas of practice of the centers are based on real-life needs that clinicians, therapists, and other employees encounter every day.

Clalit's innovation centers share their accumulated knowledge and projects, whether they are cross-organizational or cross-clinical.

Our Innovation Centers Manager and Business Development team will be glad to receive your request and maintain collaborations in any way they can:


Clalit Innovatio Network
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