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Fostering Innovation

Clalit Innovation is committed to partnering with entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors in order to develop and create innovative solutions to health and health care challenges. Using our wealth of knowledge and data, expert teams and excellent research foundations, we can collaborate with investors, founders and partners to develop multidimensional initiatives with an impact on the future of healthcare in Israel and worldwide.


Clalit Innovation Network

Clalit's innovation network includes twelve innovation centers, spread in our hospitals and the community. Each of these innovation centers has a unique purpose and characteristic, which is derived from its unique population, its geographical location, and the centers of excellence in the hospital or district, among other factors.
The challenges and areas of practice of the centers are based on real-life needs that clinicians, therapists, and other employees encounter every day.

Clalit's innovation centers share their accumulated knowledge and projects, whether they are cross-organizational or cross-clinical.

Our Innovation Centers Manager and Business Development team will be glad to receive your request and maintain collaborations in any way they can:


Clalit Innovatio Network

Co-Creation Programs

At Clalit Innovation, we prioritize creating internal and external cross-Silos, patient centric teams to solve internal or global needs



The future of healthcare depends on real-life innovative solutions. The Clalit Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program “ETGAR” is an initiative dedicated to the development of innovations and disruptive technologies addressing the current challenges of Clalit’s healthcare providers and patients.



The Launchpad program is a unique and first-of-its kind entrepreneurship program, with the goal of designing and developing digital solutions that will improve Health Care Professionals (HCP) and Patients lives at Clalit and HMO’s worldwide.


Each year, the program  aims to develop a joint partnership between Clalit Health Services and a global medical and / or pharma giant, in the goal of bringing together internal entrepreneurs from both organizations with their own specialties and strengths (Clinical, Business, professional etc.), in order to create innovative marketable solutions to real world challenges. The focus of the global health challenges the teams will work on is decided each year according to internal data and worldwide trends. 

Throughout the program, the joint teams:

  • Develop an innovative solution with a proven business potential (with a focus on EU market)

  • Address validated Clinical & Business Challenges 

  • Experience the whole Innovation lifecycle – from defining market needs to a working MVP

  • Collaborate with patients and multidisciplinary internal & external Mentors and Experts

Throughout the program, the teams will be accompanied by industry experts and leading mentors from various fields such as VCs, legal advisors, big data specialists and product development professionals. 
The teams will meet the various mentors on a regular basis and will be supported with professional advice and guidance whenever issues or challenges arise throughout their venture development process.

The winning team will gain the opportunity to present their pitch in front of an exclusive panel of VCs. Chosen projects will win a budget to fund a POC project.

CoCreatin Programs

Design-Led Projects

At Clalit Innovation, we apply design thinking methods to create accurate, innovative technological solutions for healthcare. 


Identifying our end users, their needs and pains through Interviews and Ethnographic research 


Pinpointing the root of the problem


Think of many possible solutions, and then prioritize the best ones


Using a Prototype or mockup


Summarizing the findings in an actionable report

Design-Led Projects
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