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Geha Innovation Center

The field of mental health has great relevance to a wide population creating the potential for a significant market. With the increasing awareness of the importance of mental health, innovation in this field has the potential to create a big impact.  


The Geha Mental Health Center, is a leading Clalit center in Israel and abroad, which provides services to people with all types of mental illnesses, at a population district of approximately 1 million citizens.

Geha's goal is to advance innovation in mental health and achieve great social impact that improves mental illness patients' quality of life. Our fields of innovation concentrate on continuity of care, diagnosis and personalized medicine, innovative treatment, treatment techniques, personal security, and more.

Innovate with us

We can provide our partners an established and organized developmental process from research to product which includes: Access to databases, a beta-site, connections to relevant clinicians, clinical consultations and business collaborations, and last but not least, models for product implementation. 

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Clalit Innovation Network

Clalit's innovation network includes twelve innovation centers, spread in our hospitals and the community. Each of these innovation centers has a unique purpose and characteristic, which is derived from its unique population, its geographical location, and the centers of excellence in the hospital or district, among other factors.
The challenges and areas of practice of the centers are based on real-life needs that clinicians, therapists, and other employees encounter every day.

Clalit's innovation centers share their accumulated knowledge and projects, whether they are cross-organizational or cross-clinical.

Our Innovation Centers Manager and Business Development team will be glad to receive your request and maintain collaborations in any way they can.


Clalit Innovatio Network
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