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About US

Clalit Innovation creates unparalleled value for patients and healthcare providers by transforming care, improving connectivity, enhancing collaborations and streamlining regulatory processes in the healthcare industry in Israel and beyond.


Clalit Innovation is your gateway to innovation within Clalit, Israel’s leading national health organization comprising of over 4.7 million members. As Israel’s largest national health organization, we have access to the largest data assets, an interdisciplinary team of experts, and a unique position on interconnectivity. We are united in creating innovation by allowing seamless and secure flow, empowering patients with access to data, improving care delivery and outcomes, and accelerating the development of new cures and treatments.

Our vision is to shape activities that address unmet needs, drive better health outcomes, and provide access to effective health innovations as a trusted catalyst.

Our mission is to solve complex problems and achieve value in health care by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, research and innovation.

By translating data and know-how into innovative insights and digital health tools, Clalit Innovation aims to redesign care to provide proactive, predictive, and tailored medical care in everyday practice. In addition, we empower policy makers and create health policies to fully harness the benefits of new technologies.

Consisting of clinicians, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, IT experts, algorithm specialists, public health professionals, senior policymakers, healthcare managers, and frontline providers, our exceptional team of professionals allows us to reshape the healthcare industry.

Developing a novel tech solution for the healthcare industry? 

Clalit Innovation is your access point to unrivalled healthcare data and many other resources that can drive your product forward.

The First and Only WHO Collaborating Center in Israel

Clalit Research Institute is the WHO Collaborating Centre on Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) Research, Prevention and Control, under the WHO European Region’s Division of Noncommunicable Diseases and Life-Course since 2014.

HARVARD - Transforming the Future of Medicine

Made possible by a generous philanthropic gift by Ivan and Francesca Berkowitz and Family, the Ivan and Francesca Berkowitz Family Living Laboratory Collaboration is a partnership between Harvard Medical School and Clalit Research Institute. 


Together, we are creating an unparalleled living laboratory environment in which world-class biomedical researchers, clinicians, and data scientists will investigate important questions in the fields of precision medicine and predictive health. For more information: 

Our track-record  

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