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The future of healthcare depends on real-life innovative solutions

The Clalit Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program “ETGAR” is an initiative dedicated to the development of innovations and disruptive technologies addressing the current challenges of Clalit’s healthcare providers and patients.



The program fosters collaboration between global pharma companies, technology leaders, and Clalit’s multidisciplinary teams, to tackle the biggest challenges and co-develop innovative solutions to solve the needs raised and identified by Clalit’s healthcare providers, clinicians, health professionals and patients.


The teams will have the unparalleled advantage of working together with Clalit’s therapists, patients, designers, product managers, service providers and leading experts in healthcare.


Joining companies and partners will


6 Months

The ETGAR program is an annual 6-month innovation program that advances healthcare through technological solutions. Each year, 8 teams are chosen to participate. 




While each challenge provides one winning solution, additional projects are selected to move forward into development. 


We are proud that 40% of the ventures created through our annual Innovation Challenge have progressed to their final stages of characterization and development through cross-division operations within Clalit.


Each technological innovation is backed by a cross-organization team that includes the representatives of the entrepreneurs (graduates of the program), as well as representatives from all the relevant divisions of Clalit (Hospital Units, Community Units, Services, Strategy Division, and the Innovation Dept).


Among our successful track record:

Livut - ליווט אישי

A tailored and effective digital journey for breast cancer patients.

and Order

A smart medicine ordering system. The system connects the patient's personal medical file with the operating system, which enables smooth communication between the nursing staff and the pharmacy staff.


Respritrack is a remote monitoring system for children and young adults with asthma.


Digital Release Management

An integrative online and accessible system, which accompanies patients throughout their journey from receiving the diagnosis, medical recommendations to full treatment implementation.

Step Ahed

An application that provides an effective digital journey and support for IVF and Fertility patient.



Option to join one of the teams from the beginning:

  • Participate in the full process from challenge validation to ideation sprint, concept development, final presentation and implementation plan.

  • Influence the concept development stage by bringing your own experience and knowledge

  • Brand exposure on all marketing materials and Clalit’s internal network

Beginning May 2022
* Medium Commitment Level

Expert Mentoring

Take part and impact the concept development process by offering mentoring hours to the teams:

  • Mentoring hours can focus on different aspect in the development process from marketing and business to technological and digital solutions

  • Brand exposure on all marketing materials and Clalit’s internal network

Beginning September2022
* Low Commitment Level

PAST PARTNERS (you're in good company)

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