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Exclusive Limited Opportunity for Startups



Unlock the power of Clalit's expansive anonymized medical data to transform healthcare.

Join Clalit, the second largest HMO in the world, on a transformative journey into the future of healthcare. With our extensive network of 14 hospitals and over 1,500 primary and specialist clinics, Clalit possesses an unparalleled collection of anonymized medical datasets spanning diverse patient populations, ethnicities, conditions, and treatments.  We invite you to tap into this goldmine of anonymized electronic medical records and unleash the potential to revolutionize patient care and medical research with your startup’s technology.

We are thrilled to offer a special and limited-time premium package opportunity for startups that wish to explore Clalit's anonymized medical data and propel the industry forward.

With our premium package, selected companies will gain:

We have tailored a limited offer for startups that are interested in creating a real change in patient care.



The data set includes EMR data of a cohort of 1M patients, of which at least 200,000 have various chronic diseases covering demographics, labs, hospitalizations, clinic visits, and medications. For a subset of patients, we can include imaging data (DICOMs).


Our complete data catalog, including additional verticals not included in the special offer, for a vast range of conditions.

Clalit team of Experts

  • 5 hours clinician support

  • 5 hours Data Science support

  • 5 hours Epidemiologist support

Available at additional pricing

Data Pricing

20% Discount on pricing

Full Price*

Partners Support

Support  from NVIDIA professionals on their tools & platform

Need to contact partner separately

* A tailored offer will be made by business development personnel

** Please review our Qualification and Evaluation Criteria to make the most out of your application

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to take your startup to the next level in the world of medicine. Submit this form no later than September 14th 2023 to access Clalit's extensive anonymized data and fuel ground-breaking advancements in healthcare.

Have more questions? Contact Yifat at 

Submission Deadline
September 14

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