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    There are a wide variety of opportunities to leverage clinical data to improve patient outcomes within the healthcare ecosystem. Clalit Innovation invites you to gain data access through our DataPass platform. Here you can enjoy 3 main types of collaborations: ​ Data Access Data access to all the various types of data such as electronic health records, imaging clinical trial results, and more to utilize for the purpose of developing models or validating them. Data and Joint Research Data access together with the support from our top end expert clinicians in various fields. Here in addition to the data access we can share, we also add our expertise, testing and analysis. ( epidemiological insights) Full Data Research The Clalit Research Institute is globally recognized powerhouse of data-driven research and AI-driven solution development that are then implemented at scale for the benefit of Clalit members. A dedicated research team from the Clalit Research Institute will conduct research for pharmaceutical companies with our data, analyze the result and prepare publication. With our vast and unique data we are sure of our ability to provide you with your needs to drive change and find innovative solutions that can potentially change patients and physicians lives.
    At Clalit Innovation, we're passionate about working together with researchers and innovators to bring groundbreaking products and ideas to life. If you're currently in the development phase and seeking expert guidance and support, we’re here to help. ​ CO- DEVELOPMENT, DESIGN PARTNER and any COLLABORATIVE INNOVATION Clalit network delivers healthcare in a variety of settings, including general hospitals, specialty hospitals, and community and settings, and has a deep understanding of the patient journey and clinical workflows. We can guide you to identify the right co-design partner and the perfect fit leveraging our healthcare expertise and your unique vision to create something truly exceptional that has the potential to save lives. ​ What we focus on: Patient and physician facing applications and platforms Data driven medical products and apps Identify and develop additional use cases for existing medical products and platforms
    CLINICAL VALIDATION ​ We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and companies develop and refine their products to meet the needs of the healthcare industry and improve patients' lives. As the leading HMO in Israel, our network and bandwidth is one of the greatest in Israel including 14 hospitals, more than 1500 community clinics and more. If you have a product that you would like to test and improve, we can help you validate it quickly and bring your product faster to market with our wide network of professionals around all disciplines. We understand the importance of quality testing and are dedicated to ensuring that your product meets the highest standards. What we focus on : Proof of concept studies Clinical trials- towards regulatory approval Clinical validation Pilot studies Usability studies
    We are passionate about fostering collaborations in health and transforming the way patients navigate their healthcare journeys. We believe that personalized medicine and predictive care are the future of healthcare, and we are committed to driving innovation in this space. To achieve this, we regularly create internal and external innovation challenges that we co-create with leading pharma brands and other Medtech companies from around the world. These challenges serve as a platform for ideation, experimentation, and collaboration, and have led to groundbreaking advancements in healthcare. Two examples are our Etgar and Roma Programs Etgar Roma We invite you to be a part of this community of innovators and to explore together how we can create new challenges to shape the future of healthcare.
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