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Now More Than Ever,
Join Forces for Health Technology Solutions

Clalit Health Services, with its network of hospitals (general and mental health) and community clinics, serves as the primary Institution responsible for both treating the wounded and evacuated populations, as well as, ensuring the continuity of care and treatment of the population at home.

To address the unique challenges that have arisen during this difficult time, Clalit Health Services invites any company interested in collaborating, to join our efforts and partner on suitable solutions answering today's challenging and specific needs.

An advantage will be given to companies offering solutions in the following areas:


and Trauma


Reducing the burden on medical teams

solutions for war-related impacts on public health & medical teams

Selected companies will be eligible for an expedited contracting process to initiate a pilot program during the war. The success of this pilot will determine the potential for continued engagement, pending Clalit's contracting procedures.



We look for established companies with mature products, either approved or in regulatory approval process, that are willing and able to adapt their tools for Hebrew speakers.

Collaboration Offer


Companies deemed relevant may be eligible for expedited contracting process, multi-institution piloting, and success-based long-term contracting.

Process & Timelines

Application deadline10 Nov 2023






Selected companies will be notified by 20 Nov 2023.

Please read legal terms of the call for proposals here.

For questions and clarifications, please contact us:

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