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Transform Care

Clalit Innovation is continuously developing improved models of care to help facilitate the widespread adoption of evidence-based practices, connecting important innovations with the patient populations who will directly benefit from them.


Our unique position within Clalit and our fantastic and growing network within the larger healthcare ecosystem, gives us the advantage of being able to actually implement transformative care solutions on a large scale.  

  • AI driven tools development

Our models include both supervised and unsupervised techniques, on tabular data, time series and natural language processing. We have unique know-how in developing these models in the real-world setting (and the limitations that this brings), integrating medical domain knowledge into the full machine learning pipeline.

Clalit’s frontline clinical teams use these models to carefully target proactive and preventive interventions according to clinical need. This is particularly important for situations with limited resources, such as vaccine outreach campaigns. Healthcare managers also use our models to identify and characterize patients at-risk. 

We are continuously expanding our tool set, with active research in various areas, all dedicated to ensuring that only the highest quality models are deployed.

  • Predictive Medicine Platform

One of the most important aspects of utilizing AI in healthcare is the ability to present it flexibly and clearly to the healthcare professional at the right time and in the right place. Therefore, we developed a generic platform, currently deployed to primary care physicians and nurses, in order to be able to quickly and efficiently implement our AI and data-driven tools. This novel platform - Clalit Proactive-Preventive Interventions – has recently been selected as the 'Leading Health Initiative of the Year' by the Reboot Forum, in collaboration with the Yedioth Ahronoth group and Ynet. This national competition, which aimed to assess the top healthcare technology solutions developed in Israel during 2021, received over 400 entries!

  • Sensors

With this novel platform and access to large populations of healthcare providers and their patients, we have created a unique environment for the implementation, development and evaluation of novel sensor and continuous data measurement technologies. With projects already starting in the field of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, we aim to understand and unleash the potential of these tools in improving healthcare and tailoring it more closely to an individual’s personal needs.

Female chemist dropping a chemical substance into another substance

Predictive Medicine

We strive to significantly improve lives through the cutting-edge application of machine learning. Predictive models provide insights from the complex patterns and correlations found in our rich dataset, and these insights directly guide and inform our actions.

Clalit’s large heterogeneous population allows us to identify early signs of disease and indicators of health outcomes. These ‘markers’ are combined in predictive models to produce individualized risk scores, acting as a highly sensitive and specific tool for flagging individuals at risk.

Predictive Medicine

Precision Medicine

The purpose of any medical treatment is to provide each patient with the most appropriate treatment - for themselves and their specific medical condition. Today, in a variety of cases, some patients respond well to treatment, while others do not respond to it at all and for some. their condition can even deteriorate. At the same time, we are witnessing significant cumulative volumes of morbidity in unrecognized diseases, most of them rare, which have no known solution in medicine.

Medical Text

At Clalit, we develop and implement a holistic approach to personalized medicine that aims to profoundly change the patterns of diagnosis and treatment known today.

Thus, we strive for each patient to receive an answer that is individually tailored to them, according to the set of genetic, biological and personal characteristics of them and their disease. Precision medicine is an innovative approach to tailoring disease prevention and treatment that takes into account differences in people's genes, environments, and lifestyles.

  • Genomic Center

Our vision of precision medicine is possible thanks to technological advances that enable rapid sequencing and decoding of the human genome. Along with this, the development of advanced computing capabilities enables the analysis  of various types of data in very large amounts (Big Data).
Clalit's new genomic center was established as a significant part of this innovative medical vision and gives our clients a much faster and more professional response due to the center's close interface with the clinical staff. Clalit’s Genomic Center - A Central NGS Lab Provides whole exome/ genome sequencing, advanced bioinformatics and genomic variants’ analysis

- Sequencing and bioinformatics services

- Genetic population studies/ specific disorders

- Retrospective genomic control groups

  • Clalit Biobank

The purpose of Clalit’s Biobank is to promote personalized medicine. The database contains biological samples, which are taken from Clalit's insured persons who have given their consent.
The information obtained from the samples will be used for medical and genetic research, which will advance the methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from various diseases, and will help to identify factors that may influence the tendency to disease and the ways of developing diseases.
Clalit’s Biobank is set to serve as an advanced infrastructure for scientific research conducted in academia and industry in Israel and around the world. The Biobank provides easy access to biological samples and relevant clinical data, required for controlled basic research, scientific and research-based discoveries at the genomic, proteomic, and molecular levels, in the field of cancer and other diseases, through collection and storage of quality, well-characterized biological samples for the research community.

  • Precision Medicine Center

Untangling the precise factors that underlie such medical mysteries can illuminate individualized treatments based on a person’s genetic predispositions, immune profile, health history, and lifestyle. Such insights can propel forward the science and practice of precision medicine and have a profound effect on human health.

In a decisive step forward on this quest, Harvard Medical School in Boston and Clalit Research Institute in Tel Aviv have launched a joint precision medicine effort, enabled by a donation from the Berkowitz family.  

We have established The Ivan and Francesca Berkowitz Family Living Laboratory Collaboration at Harvard Medical School and Clalit Research Institute. The program has two arms:

- The Ivan and Francesca Berkowitz Family Living Laboratory at HMS.

- The Ivan and Francesca Berkowitz Family Precision Medicine Clinic at Clalit. 

The two arms work together to conduct joint research. They also feature a clinical component that provides diagnosis and care for patients with rare, undiagnosed, and hard-to-treat conditions, in addition to research.

  • Bioinformatics program - Berkowitz Fellows

Exceptional early career scientists will be chosen as Berkowitz Postdoctoral Fellows through a thorough and wide selection process. HMS and CRI will serve as mentors and educators providing research training. The following opportunities are currently available:

- Berkowitz Postdoctoral Fellows based at CRI in Israel.

- Berkowitz Postdoctoral Fellows based at HMS in the US.

Regardless of where they are based, Berkowitz Postdoctoral Fellows will have postdoctoral research appointments at the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School. Fellows at both sites will conduct part of their postdoctoral training and research at HMS in Boston, and part at CRI in Israel, in order to serve as an additional bridge between the two institutions. 

Precision Medicine
Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Patient Engagement

The Patient engagement / Data-driven Behavioral Insights Unit is the first of its kind in Israel, and is unique  internationally. It Combines the fields of AI algorithms with behavioral science to optimize patient’s health related decisions. Promotes behavioral interventions that increase adherence and improve outcomes.

This is the first unit to have patients front of mind - at both the health and human level.
We are focusing on how we can improve the patient's decisions and actions in relation to their health.

We are transforming care - from a paternalistic decision-making model to a model that sees the patient as a partner - a model that grew out of an understanding that in order to achieve a change in behaviour, the patient's high involvement in the process is required.

When the patient is invested and involved in the decision-making process, we can expect a long-term behaviour change. Instead of asking the patient to do as they are told, we are working together and asking them what they think will work.

This therapeutic approach influences the perception of medical research, health service and how a patient should be treated.

- Personalized behavioral interventions and nudges

- Improving compliance and adherence to treatment

- Promoting healthy habits in individuals and communities

Patient Engagement
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