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Join the effort of our medical teams

Clalit is responsible for caring for over half of Israel’s population, including many of Israel’s most vulnerable populations. During these challenging times, we stand united and strong, working together to support Israel’s defense forces, first responders, homefront personnel, and medical and emergency teams. Clalit employees in over 1,300 community clinics across Israel and 14 major medical centers are working tirelessly around the clock, providing care and support to the wounded, their families, patients, and anyone who is in need of medical care – both physically and mentally.


We invite anyone who is able to contribute, help, and participate in our efforts.



With many personnel drafted, we are looking for volunteer doctors, medical students and more. You can also volunteer by working at our logistics centers, as security support for our medical centers, or by providing daycare for the children of essential workers.

Please fill in your details here >> 


Equipment Donation

Do you have equipment that can help? Want to donate equipment to support treatment centers, logistics, or perhaps boost the morale of our medical teams?

Please fill in your details, and we will get in touch.

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Financial donation

Interested in making a donation to support our medical staff in the hospitals and community, working tirelessly to save lives?

Click here for donation option>>

All Hands In


Mental Health Innovative Solution?
Join forces with us to address the mental health needs of Israel’s population and gain access to inpatient and outpatient care, data, and some of the world’s leading key opinion leaders.
Follow the link for more details and application>>

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