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Where Digital innovation in healthcare takes off

The Launchpad program is a unique and
first-of-its-kind venture building program, open to Clalit's employees, with the goal of designing and developing digital solutions that will improve Health Care Professionals (HCP) and Patients' lives at Clalit and healthcare organizations worldwide.


The program is a joint partnership between Clalit Health Services and Novartis, and aims at bringing together internal entrepreneurs from both organizations, each with its own specialties and strengths (Clinical, Business, professional etc.), in order to create innovative marketable solutions to real world challenges. This year, 5 teams will be accepted to the program (each team will include 3 Clalit team members).

Healthcare impact

Throughout the program, the teams will:

Our Business Mentors

Q&A Webinar

2022 Challenges

Cardiovascular diseases challenge

  1. How can  we provide the right treatment at the right time and ensure adherence to treatment?
    (This challenge includes issues such as engagement with high risk patients or a-symptomatic patients, patient identification and more).

  2. How can  we offer early preventive treatment through integrated care management for at risk patients, in order to reduce hospitalization, healthcare resource utilization and economic burden (how do we engage the general physician in a better way- both in diagnosis as well as in the follow-up on treatment and the communication with cardiologists).

Moshe Cohen-Gil.jpeg

Moshe Cohen-Gil,

Head of Amdocs Innovation Labs

Pic_Ravit_Warsha_Dor (1).jpg

Ravit Warsha Dor

Health Tech Expert

Neta-Li Meiri.jfif

Neta-Li Meiri,

Chief of Global Tech Innovation, Strauss

Mati  Gill (3).jpg

Mati Gill

CEO of AION Labs

giora portrait (1).jpg

Giora Sharf,


Halil Ha'or

Eran Lerer.jfif

CEO, Managing Partner
Shoni Health Ventures

Talor Sax (1).jpg

Talor Sax

CEO of eHealth Ventures


Guy Tavori
Halil Ha Or- Board Chair

The ideal LaunchPAD teams

Teams of 3 entrepreneurs with the ambition to develop innovative solutions leading to tangible business impact and value for patients and HCPs alike. Each team will be accompanied by a team from Novartis.

Eager to develop innovative solutions – from need definition to venture development.

Driven to contribute and address the chosen themed challenges of this year.

Ready to dedicate an average of 5h per week of their time, to the program, over a 7-month period.

Interested in collaborating with diverse and global innovation teams.

Diverse (professionally, by gender and more). Diversity of the team will be considered a clear advantage.

Why should I join?

Participants will gain the opportunity to:
  • Collaborate and work together with unique team of mentors and experts.

  • Experience the transformation of an idea into a working Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

  • Learn, experience and gain practical knowledge in areas such as  Business Models, Value Proposition Management, and Innovation management.

  • Develop an innovative solution that could impact the lives of HCPs and Patients at Clalit and health organizations around the world.

  • Get access to patients and health organizations in Europe and worldwide.

  • Develop a working MVP with a technological vendor.

  • Throughout the program, the teams will be accompanied by industry experts and leading mentors from various fields such as VCs, legal advisors, big data specialists and product development professionals.

  • The teams will meet the various mentors on a regular basis and will be supported with professional advice and guidance whenever issues or challenges arise throughout their venture development process.

The winning team will gain  the opportunity to present their pitch in front of an exclusive panel of  VCs.

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