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Soroka Innovation Center

Soroka Medical Center is the second largest hospital in Israel and the only major medical center in the  entire southern region. Soroka is responsible for the health of over 1 million residents of the Negev area. The Soroka innovation center collaborates with startups, industry tech leaders and academic programs. We are actively promoting entrepreneurship and innovation within the hospital grounds and are excited about the joint benefits and value generated through parternership.   

We have extended our Clinical Research Center capabilities and offer young companies access to data inquire (free) and a 'one stop shop' for all data related R&D efforts. As we are the only tertiary hospital in the area we have data and access to population from “cradle to grave” and have a diverse population mix with 30% 


In addition to clinical domains we are promoting patient experience and are continuously investing in improving the communication channels with patients, 

hospitalization environment and the recovery journey of our patients.  

Innovate with us

Soroka is a center of excellence in many domains, including pediatric care, trauma care, cardiology, neurology & brain, oncology and neonatal. With over 800 physicians and 2000 nurses, we have experts in every field and are eager and open for partnership and collaborations. We have specific collaboration opportunities in environmental health, femtech, patients experience, burnout and operational excellence.  

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Clalit Innovation Network

Clalit's innovation network includes twelve innovation centers, spread in our hospitals and the community. Each of these innovation centers has a unique purpose and characteristic, which is derived from its unique population, its geographical location, and the centers of excellence in the hospital or district, among other factors.
The challenges and areas of practice of the centers are based on real-life needs that clinicians, therapists, and other employees encounter every day.

Clalit's innovation centers share their accumulated knowledge and projects, whether they are cross-organizational or cross-clinical.

Our Innovation Centers Manager and Business Development team will be glad to receive your request and maintain collaborations in any way they can.


Clalit Innovatio Network
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